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Kingsballpen leverages on its team of professionals, partners and consultants across industries to help SMEs, and organizations achieve their business goals and objectives. Our key services in this category are Business Process Management, Business Plan development and proposal writing. We are fully committed to providing business support services that guarantees sustainability, progress and growth of SMEs in their various market niche.

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Business Process determines the productivity, sales and value offerings of any organization. With a faulty or poor work process, achieving company goals and hitting profits becomes difficult. It is therefore important that SMEs and Organizations understand and improve their operational and management processes. At Kingsballpen, we believe in evolving process management, as well as optimized process improvement. Depending on your need, we have a variety of strategic systems designed to help various business needs.


A business plan is not just an ordinary document, it is the roadmap to achieving success. A business plan serves as a guideline, directive, and reaffirmation to achieving your vision and business goals. It can be used as fundraising tool from financial institutions, capital investors and angel investors. A Business plan will contain your value proposition, marketing assumptions, operations, financials and future plans. Kingsballpen professional business plan writers are skilled with the technical ability and experience to develop functional and effective business plan.


Our proposal writing service is designed for a win. It is what we desire for all our clients who request for our services. What makes us the best choice is our creativity, simplicity, authenticity and compelling salesmanship. Our writing template is designed to ensure the recipient understands the message and are truly convinced to listen. We will collaborate with you to gain all the knowledge we can that will enable us to deliver the best. Kingsballpen professional proposal writers are readily available to attend your writing needs.

Statement of Confidentiality

At Kingsballpen, we value our clients and their information with the utmost confidentiality. The company's management has therefore gone the extra mile to ensure that all data and transactions between KBPM and its clients are protected. We intend to build and develop trust with not only our existing clients but also potential clients. Furthermore, each of our services has terms of agreement. We highly recommend that the terms of agreement are reviewed and understood before proceeding to order for the service. The terms of the agreement are to ensure fairness in both parties dealings.