A Company Profile also known as a Corporate Profile or a Business Profile is a well-crafted document that is used as a marketing tool to introduce a company, business idea or special project to a potential partner, client, investor, financial institution or other stakeholders. It aims to deliver a company’s story in a concise and articulate format. For effective marketing and promotional campaign, it is highly recommended that a business creates an effective and engaging Company Profile.

A Company Profile usually consists of a company’s history or description, corporate statement, products and/or services, resources, organization structure, performance status and product portfolio. In the case of developing a profile for a business idea or special project such as an app, the template will be quite different from that of a business profile. In cases like this, a custom table of content is derived to enable proper detailing of the idea. A Profile basically just helps the reader have an overview of what the company does and offers, its target market, unique strength, track records, principles and whether it is a good entity to do business with. The impression a reader has about your organization will be strongly influenced by the way the content of the profile has fulfilled his expectations.

However, a Company Profile should go beyond just stating facts about a company. Well written profiles will deftly convey the predominant values and corporate culture that lends the organization its distinct character. A unique Corporate Profile should also demonstrate how effective a company is in meeting its customer’s needs.

To put together a very good Corporate Profile you have to be concise, articulate, creative, mind-striking and never boring. Focus on the pertinent information, present the main elements and be objective. Present the profile in such a way that will make the reader find it interesting and engaging. When writing, you have to position yourself as the reader to know if what you writing entices you.

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For a business profile, the following are the possible content guideline. This will vary especially for new businesses and start-ups or the business industry.

  • Introduction/About Us/Company History

  • Corporate Statements (Mission, Vision & Core Values others can include Philosophy or Principles)

  • Services/Products

  • Portfolio

  • Management Team/Board Members/Key Team Members

  • Partners/Associates

  • Capacity/Assets

  • Testimonials/Achievements/Awards

  • Contact Information

For special cases such as creating a profile for an idea or project, the following can be a possible content guideline;

  • The Idea/Project Concept

  • The Brand’s Name & Identity

  • Description

  • Development

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Deployment

  • Investor’s Benefits

  • Social Benefits

  • Resources

  • Budget

  • About Us/Me


Your brand’s logo: This is important in the marketing and branding of the profile and the business itself. Ensure it is a peculiar design, easy to recognize and interprets the brand message. Sometimes, using a slogan/catchphrase just below the logo is great for marketing, the message below can go a long way in creating trust & assurance no matter how little it may sound. The logo and the slogan must be what appears on other marketing items of the company such as business cards, flyers, folders, stationeries and so on.

Once you’ve been able to accomplish all of the above. The next most important thing is the design of the profile. Colors, type of fonts, creativity all play a role in building the brand’s reputation and trust. A very simple yet beautiful and unique design helps in the overall packaging.

For printing, go for the best or the next best thing. Direct Image printing is quite affordable in recent time. Would recommend you use it when printing your profile.

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