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Proposal, Business plan, Feasibility Study Writer in lagos nigeria
Business planning is crucial to the success of any business. A business plan document is not just an ordinary document, it is the roadmap to achieving success. A business plan serves as a guideline, directive, and reaffirmation to achieving your vision and business goals. It can be used as fundraising tool from banks, angel investors, and well-wishers. Having a business plan allows you to review everything at once. Such as your value proposition, marketing assumptions, operations plan, financial plan and staffing plan. Kingsballpen professional business plan writers are skilled with the technicality and experience to develop functional and effective business plan.
Our proposal writing service is designed for a win. It is what we desire for all our clients who request for our services. What makes us the best choice is our creativity, simplicity, authenticity and compelling salesmanship. Our writing template is designed to ensure the recipient understands the message and are truly convinced to listen. We will collaborate with you to gain all the knowledge we can that will enable us to deliver the best. Kingsballpen professional proposal writers are readily available to attend your writing needs.
Content is the new crude. It can be thin-line between success and failure in engaging an online community. It forms the bridge of trust between your platform and the audience. Therefore, it is apparent that quality content should be delivered to ensure success. Kingsballpen professional content writers through their great show of artisanship can provide you with the 'bomb' content. It is in our rule book to provide contents that are informative, articulate, precise, effective, SEO driven, and most importantly, engaging. We write website contents, articles, blog post, social media and promotional content.
Before you embark on a project or new business, it is important to know how feasible or viable it is. A feasibility study helps you to understand the factors that influence the success and failure of an intended project or business. Unlike a business plan, a feasibility study gives more in-depth knowledge of all that concerns the project. This includes market analysis, information assessment, management, environmental factors, government regulations, and financials. A lot of research, data analysis, and information gathering are the basic tools used in achieving an effective feasible document. Our team of professional writers with years of experience has what it takes to deliver an effective feasibility report.


Top Branding company in lagos nigeria
A Company Profile also called Corporate or a Business profile serves many purposes but it is mainly used as a marketing tool. In most cases, it is used to introduce a company’s business objective, services, and products to a particular audience. The visual representation and content of the profile are vital to achieving success using the profile. Kingsballpen Media services specialize in designing and copywriting company profile for entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporations, and organizations. We are passionate about delivering high-quality content and graphic designs that will promote and be a bridge of trust between your brand and its audience. As a branding company, we understand what it takes to develop a winning profile. You can rely on our writers and graphic artist to deliver exceptional service.
Corporate Identity a unique collection of key messages and visual identity components (including logos, colors, fonts, and imagery). These components help in conveying the essence of your company to the marketplace. A strong brand creates a powerful connection between you and your customers, employees and other key stakeholders. Developing a brand is more than just a creative exercise; it’s a discipline involving research and analysis, plus structured management and implementation. In this line of services, we offer standalone and custom services. You can decide to only order for a logo, business card, company profile, envelope, letterhead, ID card or order for a custom service that will cover all aspect of your brand identity. This includes all above mention, taglines, interpretation of the identity files, corporate statements and core values.

Even though we appreciate and apply skills, creativity, and simplicity when offering a graphic design service, what drives us is the target audience. At Kingsballpen, the goal for us is to ensure the resulting design communicates effectively with your target audience. We offer corporate identity, banners, calendars, flyers, info graphics, greeting cards, slogans, brochures, posters, CD covers, stickers, wedding stationeries, presentation folders, web graphics, and mockups.

Logos are key components in any brand's identity. They are the visual representation of the brand in a marketplace. This is what distinguishes them from competitors. Just having a logo doesn't cut if you don't have plans to build a brand. For you to effectively see the works of your brand identities, having a logo is the most crucial phase. Our graphic design professionals understand the essence of a logo, therefore, they ensure to interpret your business object in the logo. With kingsballpen, what you get is a visual identity that defines your brand.
We provide polo, t-shirt (round-neck), uniforms, HSE wears, and custom wears branding (design, sewing, and printing) for individuals, organizations, and events. We handle the all the branding phase from start to finish. With several years of experience, you are guaranteed of getting quick and exceptional services. We use durable garment and quality print materials because we take our brand's reputation seriously.

We are in the business of providing quality, durable and the best office supplies to companies. We supply branded stationeries, office tools, and equipment as well as furniture. We would work with you to understand your demands, productivity, and capacity which will help us procure the right supplies to ensure productivity and functionality. What we supply includes all kinds office stationeries, computers and its accessories, furniture, printers, photocopiers, communication equipment, software and hardware installations.


Internet marketing digital in lagos nigeria
If you haven't developed a website for your business, the time is now. There are over 91 million internet users in Nigeria, 350 million in Africa and 3.7 billion global users. It is time to take your business digital. Having a website presents you with the opportunity of reaching potential clients in other geolocation which ultimately increases your sales and revenue. You will be able to communicate, share and promote your ideas to a wider audience. With a website, you have your business open 24/7 with no breaks, this means your business is open even though your physical office is closed. Kingsballpen web design professionals can help develop a website that is not only effective and functional but also responsive on all viewing devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
Having a website is great but for businesses who sell a large number of products, an e-commerce website is better. An e-commerce website presents the opportunity for businesses to sell their products to new and existing customers via the internet. E-commerce sometimes referred to as online shop or store is the digital way of buying & selling. The business opportunity in investing in eCommerce is that it is easy and cheap to operate, customers from different geolocation can patronize your products, with the right ad campaign ROI and more profit is guaranteed. Contact us today to know more. Our digital professionals are readily available to develop a safe, responsive and beautiful e-commerce for your business.
Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the success of websites, blogs or eCommerce. The application of SEO to your website and its activities increases the chances of your website to appear on the first page of search engines such as Google. Individuals who do not know the exact name of a website to visit for information, rely on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo search to provide options for them. This is where SEO plays its part. Through a series of digital application, your website can be ranked higher. This enables you to be found and clicked on. Which ultimately increases your chances of sales. Kingsballpen provides custom-specific SEO services to websites and e-commerce owners. We also offer consultation services to help clients understand the concept of the program.
The business opportunity social media platforms offer to the success of businesses is exceptional. Traditional marketing is gradually switching to digital because of the existence of social media platforms. There are 2 billion Facebook users, 700 million Instagram users and 300 million Twitter users only, this shows the market is there for the taking. With strategic planning and implementation, your business can experience an increase in profit and annual revenue through the effective use of social media marketing. We understand the rudiments of social media marketing success. Contact us today to be part of the social media community and make while being part of it.


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    Can't describe how pleased I am to have hired your services. From the creative corporate Identities to the wonderful and responsive website you designed, thanks for a job well done. Do know I will be in touch and continue to hire your services as well as recommending people. Thanks

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    Obviously, it's natural to be skeptical about anything on the internet. And considering the nature of the proposal I wanted, my expectations were high. Nonetheless, I gave it a try after due consultations. Two days later I received the proposal and to be honest, it was awesome. The proposal was concise, articulate and informative. Thanks, Kingsballpen.

    Agbanoma Rhoda
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    Kingsballpen became partners without going through the signing of documents. But by serving my company a series outstanding services. It started with a company profile, then a website, business card and a series of e-fliers. They truly are the go to for business support services esp for SMEs.

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